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Books by Frank Bergå with Russian translation by Irina Cazanova- Bergå
For now books and texts are only availible in Swedish. Please use the flags to navigate to the pages in Swedish.

About the Website

On this site you can find out about different aspects of the creativity of the Russian artist, Irina Cazanova-Bergå, who presently lives and works in Sweden.
Here you can enjoy looking at the sculptures and paintings, and also ask questions to get more information.
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In loving memory of Frank Bergå

We are very sad to announce that Frank Bergå, beloved father, husband, friend and colleague passed away 16 AUGUST 17.00. We miss him terribly but take with us all the good memories of a kind man with an abundance of humour, and that of a brilliant and creative journalist.
For more information and the works of Frank Bergå, please refer to the Swedish and Russian pages.

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