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The colourful sculptress, Irina Cazanova-Bergå’s, life remains you of a fairy tale. She was born in the hill-region of Ural and learned to climb the mountains before she could walk properly. Early in life she decided to work with stones and started making popular stonefigures for the neighbours in her homecity of Kugnur. Early in adolescence she then moved to the city of Perm and after that she got into the academy of art in St. Petersburg.

As a sculptress she won popularity in St. Petersburg during the glasnost. Her vivid, temperamental pieces of art made a lasting impression on her fellow artists and she was called Brunhilde after a german love-goddess. Irina specialized in making love-manifestations in clay and store. The most famous examples are her sculptures "Honeymoon" and "Fever of Spring". Irina combines the best values of the west and the east, carfullness and emotional extas, ice and fire. She is now living in Malmoe in the south of Sweden and have had success with her exibitions in Malmoe and Copenhagen. She is always ready to make portraits in stone or clay of people around her in Skåne.

2009 J.T & Art Gallery, Malmö, Sweden.
2000-2005 Regional exibitions of Art Union, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1996 Library Gallery V. V. Mayakovski, Perm, Russia.

1983-1989 Perm State University, Perm, Russia, organic chemist.
1993-1995 Agricultural Academy, Perm, Russia, candidate examines.
1995-1996 Art Academy I. Glazunov, Perm, Russia, painter-sculptor.
1999-2004 The Art Academy I. E. Repin, St. Petersburg, Russia, painter-sculptor.

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